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Commissioning the iSMA MAC36NL

In this guide, we will take you step by step through the commissioning process for an iSMA MAC36NL

Whether you’re familiar with it or not, the MAC36NL mandates specific core modules for initiating its operating system during start-up. Without these modules, commissioning will not be possible.

This requirement isn’t universal for all iSMA devices, but some may demand a similar procedure, such as installing the ISMA.IO modules and ISMA.HDMI modules.
To begin deploying and commissioning an iSMA MAC36NL, your first step is to confirm that the essential modules are available in your Niagara Module Directory.

When you open and extract the downloaded file, run the installer. The installer should automatically detect any missing necessary files required for building the device and place them in the correct directory.

If the installer does not successfully deploy the core files, you will need to manually place these files in specific locations within your Niagara directory. Please follow the instructions below.

First, copy or drag out the modules from the download folder. Then, paste or drag these three modules into the modules folder corresponding to your specific version of Workbench.

Here’s the directory path:
Local Disk (C:) > Niagara > Your version of Niagara > Modules

The next group of files you should copy includes the clean-dist files.
Copy or drag the clean-dist files from both the clean-dist folder and the folder that corresponds to your Workbench version into the clean-dist directory of Niagara.

Here’s the directory path:
Local Disk (C:) > Niagara > Your version of Niagara > cleandist

Now, let’s move on to configuring Niagara and continuing with the commissioning process.

For a seamless experience, it is strongly recommended to perform a clean distribution on the MAC36NL using the newly deployed distribution files.

This process essentially acts as a remote factory reset, restoring the device to its factory settings while retaining the set IP address (if you’ve changed it).

To perform this reset, follow these steps:

  1. Open the distribution file installer.
    • Path: Platform > Distribution file installer > nre-clean-iSMA-B-MAC36-v2.0.dist
  2. Select the new ISMA 2.0 distribution file and click ‘Install.’

Once you’ve completed this process, connect to the MAC36 platform. Right-click on the platform and select the commissioning wizard.

Previously, your software manager might have displayed a blank page, but now you should be able to install any necessary files required for the station you are deploying

Updated on September 25, 2023

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