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JACE 8000: Jan 2021 Niagara 4.1 clean image bug fix

A bug was identified in the standard ‘clean’ distribution file included with Niagara builds upto and including 4.8. After 1st Jan 2021, if this clean distribution image was used to reset or commision a JACE, or convert an older JACE 3 or 6 to Niagara 4, then the Niagara platform daemon will fail to start.

An updated clean image is included with Niagara 4.9 that rectifies this issue. This is versioned for the cleanDist and for the conversion file. If you have to use Niagara 4.8 or below, you should copy the updated clean images into the older versions before cleaning any JACE’s.

For those of you that are experiencing a JACE 8000 that seems unable to boot after going through the clean dist process, then you’ll need to carry out the following steps:

  1. Shell into the JACE with a USB micro cable using PuTTY (Baud 115200)
  2. Login with platform credentials.
  3. Select the change time option
  4. Change the time to pre-2021 (observe the time format shown on the screen – from the top of my head it should be something like YYYMMDDHHMM)
  5. Save and reboot JACE
  6. You should now be able to log in through Workbench – make a back-up
  7. Access the Platform and go to Distribution File Installer -> Cleaning
  8. Select “qnx-jace-n4-titan-am335x-clean.dist file – ENSURE THE VERSION IS “Tridium” and install
  9. Once you are back on to the platform, re-install your back-up
  10. You can now change back the time and date back to present.
  11. Connect to the platform of the Jace and select certificate manager then reset on the Certificate to generate a new and up to date cert.

Updated on August 15, 2022

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