Reflow for Niagara 4 FAQ’s

Q: What Versions of Niagara does Reflow work with?

A: Reflow requires Niagara 4.6 or later running on a Web Supervisor or JACE 8000 (or equivalent) hardware.

Q: Do JACE and JACE pro licenses expire?

A: No, JACE and JACE Pro product licenses never expire and validate only for Host IDs starting with QNX. They are valid for all future versions of Reflow.

When an internet connection is available, the License Service will connect to the host over HTTPS to refresh its license file once every 24 hours. This will automatically push out the license file expiration date.

Q: Do supervisor licenses expire?

A: Supervisor product licenses never expire and validate only for Host IDs not starting with QNX. They are valid for all future versions of Reflow.

Q: How does licensing work if I don’t have a internet connection?

A: If an internet connection is not available, the system integrator is responsible for keeping license files up to date, at least once per year, to avoid license file expiration.

Q: Do I need to make custom views for mobile devices?

A: No, Views in Reflow work across all screen sizes.

Q: Can I manage my own licenses?

A: Yes, you can assign HOST IDs on our site (if you’re logged in) by clicking on Account > Licenses or going directly to After the Host ID has been set, you should be able to right-click the ReflowService and go to Refresh License or, from in the Config view, go to Settings > License and click the “Refresh License” button.

Q: Why Can’t I see the Reflow View or Reflow config view on the Reflow service?

A: This happens when the WebService isn’t available. It’s a common issue – somewhere along the way your station’s WebService likely got stopped or never started. Likely, you’ve got another station or some other software taking over port 443 if you’re using HTTPS or port 80 if you’re using HTTP. You can see what’s currently being served by your computer by going to http://localhost or https:// localhost in your web browser.

Q: Why is my integrator demo license in trial mode

A: Likely, the JACE that you are assigning the license to is not an “office demo” JACE i.e. it’s a JACE meant to be sold for a customer job/work in a production setting. You can verify this by looking at the Niagara license in the JACE’s platform and you should see a tag in there on the top line that says expiration=”never” (or something similar). Integrator Demo licenses only work if there is a valid date in that line. Devices that do not expire only work with our production licenses (i.e. the JACE or JACE Pro license).

If this is your demo JACE you plan on using internally or for customer demos, we can transfer the integrator demo license you purchased over to a JACE Pro license for no fee (however, it would then no longer work on a Web Supervisor).

Q: Why is the weather service giving me an error?

A: It may be that you’re on a site that has internet restrictions in place. You can ask IT to add to their allow list. There’s more details here for IT:

Q: What is considered a “Building” in the Reflow pricing model?

A: We consider a building in Reflow as a physical address. It has nothing to do with number of points or devices (including JACEs) that exist in the Niagara network.
Each Building gets its own page, can have its own dashboard, and you can attach devices and floor plans to it.

Q: Can I display alarm based on priority in Reflow?

A: Yes, you have the option of using alarm priority in Niagara (the 0-255 number) or you can set specific alarm classes to be attached priorities. You can change this by going to Alarms > Priorities And use the “Set Priority Display based on” dropdown box to choose Alarm Class/Priority Number With Alarm Class selected, you should see all of the
alarm classes on your station load in with dropdown where you can select the priority.
With Priority Number selected you’ll a max number for low, min number for high and medium will be the numbers in between. You can also change the labels (High, Medium, Low) in the Priority Labels menu and the colours in the Priority Colours menu.

Q: Is Reflow Secure?

A: Reflow inherits the Niagara security model. You can control access to Reflow in the same way you can control access to any component in your station. Users/categories who do not have access to specific station components, points, devices, graphics, etc. will still not have access to these items in Reflow. Reflow uses Niagara’s built-in Web Service to serve all files and web requests. If HTTPS is enabled on the Web Service, requests will be served over HTTPS. If the WebService is disabled, Reflow will also be

Q: How much free space do I need to run Reflow?

A: Reflow’s module size is 5.3 MB. It is recommended to have 8MB of free space on your station’s file system before installation, and keeping at least 3MB of file space free during usage. This free space is used to store configuration data. Reflow does not require additional memory or CPU upgrades and its impact on station memory, heap
size, and CPU usage should be negligible. Please note that if your station is already at maximum memory or CPU capacity, adding any module, including Reflow, may be detrimental to your system.

Q: Can I change a specific user’s starting page in the Reflow view?

A: Yes, you can direct your users to the most relevant page for their role as soon as they’ve logged in by setting up a user profile in Reflow. Go to Settings>User Profiles and follow the instructions.

Q: Is there a Reflow demo station available?

A: Yes, get up and running quickly with Reflow using our pre-built demo station. Reflow is installed and configured along with mock equipment, floor plans, histories, schedules, and control logic.

Updated on August 5, 2022

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