Installing Reflow Niagara 4 modules

** Reflow supports Niagara 4.6 and higher; older versions of Niagara 4 and Niagara AX are not supported due to limitations in the Niagara web browser.

After downloading the Reflow modules via the download link provided when you purchased the software, follow the below instructions to install them into your Niagara 4 system.

For more information on Reflow Click here!

Workbench & Local Stations

  1. Copy the nmodsreflow-rt.jar and nmodsreflow-ux.jar files to your Niagara modules directory. This folder is typically found at C:\Niagara\Niagara-4.x.x\modules
  2. If Workbench is already open, close it and then relaunch it
  3. Connect to your local Platform with Workbench and restart any running local stations using the Application Director before adding Reflow to the station.

Remote Stations

** Ensure that you’ve followed the instructions above in the Workbench & Local Stations section before completing the instructions below.

  1. In Workbench, connect to the remote station’s Platform and expand the tree
  2. Open the Software Manager component by double-clicking and wait for the list of modules to load
  3. Find the two nmodsreflow-rt and nmodsreflow-ux modules in the list and select them.
  4. Click the Install button at the bottom of the window
  5. Click the Commit button at the bottom of the window
  6. The modules will install on the station and the list will reload when it’s finished
  7. Confirm the installation by scrolling to the bottom of the list and looking for the nmodsreflow modules in the table marked as “Up to Date”
  8. Restart your Niagara station using the Application Director in your remote Platform.

Updated on January 25, 2024

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